SAB'06 Swarm Robotics Workshop

List of Accepted papers

The final programme of the workshop will be announced soon. All papers will be orally presented (20-30 minutes).
A navigation algorithm for swarm robotics inspired by slime mold aggregation
Schmickl T., Crailsheim K.
Algorithms for the Analysis and Synthesis of a Bio-Inspired Swarm Robotic System
Spring Berman, Adam Halasz, Vijay Kumar, Stephen Pratt
Where Are You?
William M. Spears, Jerry C. Hamann, Paul M. Maxim, Thomas Kunkel, Rodney Heil, Dimitri Zarzhitsky, Diana F. Spears, and Christer Karlsson
Collective perception in a robot swarm
Thomas Schmickl, Christoph Möslinger and Karl Crailsheim 
A Macroscopic Model for Probabilistic Aggregation in Swarm Robotic Systems
Onur Soysal and Erol Sahin
Scalability in Evolved Neurocontrollers that Guide a Swarm of Robots in a Navigation Task
Federico Vicentini, Elio Tuci
An Analytical and Spatial Model of Foraging in a Swarm of Robots
Heiko Hamann and Heinz Woern
An Empirical Study on the Motion of Self-Propelled Particles With Turn Angle Restrictions
Andaç T. Şamiloğlu, Veysel Gazi, and Buğra Koku
Communication in a Swarm of Miniature Robots: The e-Puck as an Educational Tool for Swarm Robotics
Christopher M. Cianci, Xavier Raemy, Jim Pugh, and Alcherio Martinoli
Evolutionary Design of Specialized Aerial Explorer Controllers
A.E. Eiben, G.S. Nitschke, M.C. Schut
Strategies for energy optimisation in a swarm of foraging robots Wenguo Liu, Alan Winfield, Jin Sa, Jie Chen, Lihua Dou
Distributed Task Selection in Multi-agent based Swarms using Heuristic Strategies
David Miller, Prithviraj Dasgupta, Timothy Judkins
UltraSwarm: a further step towards a flock of miniature helicopters
Renzo De Nardi, Owen Holland
Evolution of Signalling in a Swarm of Robots Controlled by Dynamic Neural Networks Christos Ampatzis, Elio Tuci, Vito Trianni and Marco Dorigo